Lot D – Midtown Tempo :: Indie Shuffle

March 3, 2023 - Music


If the Pink Panther had to don a pinstripe suit and slink around town at night, hopping from bar to bar, striking up a conversation with anyone that looks half interesting, Lot D’s “Midtown Tempo” would be the soundtrack to such a night.

Lot D is an electronic producer and DJ with a focus on house music production. “Midtown Tempo” can be found on his EP, Midtown at Midnight. Incorporating recordings from subways, coffee shops, and random conversations, it’s a song that provides a portal to participate in the artist’s life.

My suggestion: pour yourself a cup of something soothing, preferably on ice, slink back into wherever it is that you find yourself, press play on Lot D’s “Midtown Tempo” and wait for the Pink Panther to come and ask you how you’ve found yourself here. Cheers.

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