Michelle Wie West Gushes About Taylor Swift Wearing Her ‘TNT’ Bracelet

May 14, 2024 - Music

Retired golf champ Michelle Wie West is still a bit shocked at the killer product placement she scored earlier this year when Taylor Swift modeled a piece from Wove’s Michelle Wie West collection during some celebratory PDA at the AFC championship game.


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While hugging boyfriend Travis Kelce, Swift was spotted wearing the diamond-encrusted “TNT” friendship bracelet. Fallon put up a pic of the now iconic squeeze Swift laid on Kelce on the field, with Wie West saying that the precious moment was all thanks to the Super Bowl champ star tight end.

“It’s like a really upscale friendship bracelet really inspired by Taylor,” Wie West said of the nearly $6,000 customizable piece that has diamonds and beads and is likely out of the range of most Swifties looking to spice up their outfits for the Eras Tour.

“I messaged him [Kelce] and I was like, ‘hey, we made a bracelet inspired by Taylor, like, we would love to just give her one. I don’t care what she does with it,’” Wie West said of her message to the NFL player who she’d previously met at Justin Timberlake’s annual celebrity golf tournament. “‘I just want it to be given to her… in the proximity of her,’” Wie West added.

Noting that she doesn’t normally “really care about football” that much, Wie West said after the game she started screaming at her phone. “I was like, ‘Oh my God!’,” she recalled yelling, which alarmed her husband, who thought something bad had happened. “I was like, ‘Taylor Swift is wearing my bracelet!’” she told him. “It was just like the craziest thing.”

Playing dumb, Fallon asked if “TNT” was a reference to dynamite, with Wie West helpfully suggesting it might also refer to “Travis ‘n Taylor.”

“I was just… I can’t believe it,” Wie West said, still looking shocked.

Watch Wie West on The Tonight Show below.

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