Mister Burns :: Indie Shuffle

November 30, 2022 - Music

Arson Investigations

Kytes blows open a door and lets the electro-fire rock out with “Mister Burns” — a sizzling combo of oil and water making the sparks fly.

“Mister Burns” is a quick flame, a powerful combination of sparks and electric discharges that jolt and bounce across the room setting fire to every feeling inside of you. There’s a bombast to the track, it goes hard and it goes quick, the fuse is lit and there is no way to stop it, there is no out and there is no solution, all you have to do is join the heat and burn up.

“Mister Burns” is an aggressive and all-engulfing track that will flood your house and burn down every corner, but you’ll be so happy the fire started.

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