Neil Frances x PawPaw Rod – High

December 18, 2022 - Music

Sounds like:
Ralph Castelli, LESISURE, Oracle Sisters

What’s so good?

Buzz Buzz In My Mind"High" is a stepping stone into a dimension of slow funk, psych-electro and fog-lit party.Never has a track combined vibes and chill in my mind as much as "High" has. The track is a floaty mist of fuzzy vision and cool vibes all mixed in with the golden drip of a honeycomb in the mouth. The track is sensual and electric at the same time, giving me nothing but a smile and a need to strut slowly through a crowd of pulsing humans."High" artfully combines slow and electric in a single that hits me like a ton of soft honeycomb bricks and covers me in a pool of mist and fuzz.

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