On The Roof :: Indie Shuffle

February 24, 2023 - Music

Ain’t it a strange thing that I can’t say ‘this is nice’ and thenceforward you know the depths to which I experience this as nice? Instead, it’s necessary to unpack a suitcase of words that hang like colorful laundry on the washing line of your mind just long enough for you to get a whiff of what it feels like in my world.

This is what we do, right? We don’t often sit in silence and connect. We shoot rapid-fire words at each other and, in so doing, entire mental landscapes are constructed. Ergo, we come to experience each others’ worlds. Well, here’s my go at expanding my ‘this is nice:’

Harpool’s “On The Roof” feels like the result of a solid base, formed from technical and creative ability, strewn across the breathing room that comes from deciding to produce something soothing and relaxing. It’s akin to the beauty of thought when it moves from focused to diffuse thinking.

“On The Roof” is an exhale of a song — freeing for the artist and audience alike. I hope you find it as nice as I did.

With love,
This human

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