Ours Samplus – Our Sunset (Ft. Mounika) :: Indie Shuffle

January 2, 2023 - Music

Seagulls and Paperplanes

“Our Sunset” is what seeing the sunset in another country sounds like – a beautifully dissociative experience.

“Our Sunset” is what seeing the sunset after a 6-hour train drive sounds like – that sense of relief, the sudden release of all the weight and the stress, you’re finally there, you’re relaxed and you can let all the weight go.

Ours Samples and Mounika have created a soundscape that gives me a sense of travel you’d only get from a long bus drive, a rainy train trip, or a midnight flight. It’s a calm that is forced but needed, you have nowhere to go but to your destination, so best to just relax and enjoy the journey.

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