Tal Arditi – I Will Fly away :: Indie Shuffle

July 5, 2022 - Music

Feathers and Swirls

Tal Arditi gives voice to their genre-bending sound with “I Will Fly Away” a swirling soft folk sound that migrates through multiple genres and levels.

There is this really specific timbre of voice that I’ve developed a true love for: it’s a vocal sound that has this almost gaspy, breathless sound. Tt’s Jose Gonzales meets Woodkid or Even Keaton Henson. Tal Arditi has leaped up to the top of this list and it’s magical.

“I Will Fly Away” is a track that is in its purest form, a bird migrating. There are multiple locations it has built a nest – electro, folk, chillwave, Africana, ambient – it’s a truly worldly bird that sounds as wise and loving as its influences.

Always flying; never landing.

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