CRAVITY Talks About 6th Mini Album ‘Sun Seeker’: Watch – Billboard

September 9, 2023 - News

CRAVITY tells Billboard all about the group’s 6th mini album, Sun Seeker, their favorite memories from tour, songs of the summer and more at KCON LA 2023.

Tetris Kelly:
Hanging out with my friends CRAVITY. How are you guys doing?

We’re doing good.

Tetris Kelly:
Well, your sixth mini album is about to come out. Yes. You know, I know this information! Yeah. So how’s it gonna be different than your previous projects?

We have some new appearances, some new hair stylings … just clothing and different sounds. Oh, and this time we’re doing something that we haven’t done before, which is releasing two lead singles.

Tetris Kelly:
Oh, wow!

“Cheese” and “Ready or Not.”

Tetris Kelly:
OK. I hope they’re ready for it. And you guys just finished touring Puerto Rico, the States. So what’s been the most exciting part of all of that?

I think in L.A., L.A. hotel. The health club is very good. So that gym is very good. So that’s a really memorable thing.

Tetris Kelly:
And then what’s your guys’s favorite song this summer?

It’s definitely CRAVITY’s “Stay,” “Ready or Not.”

Hey for me, Jung Kook’s “Seven.” Yes, I love that song.

Tetris Kelly:
All right, cool. Thank you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Watch the interview above.

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