Homme on if He Thinks a Them Crooked Vultures Reunion Will Happen

March 16, 2024 - News

Will the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures ever reunite for more music or touring? That was a popular question put to Josh Homme during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session taking place on Friday (March 15) afternoon, and while the rocker says there’s a chance, he wasn’t exactly optimistic about it.

Revisiting Them Crooked Vultures

In 2009, previous collaborators Dave Grohl and Josh Homme surprised many announcing a new project called Them Crooked Vultures that featured Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones rounding out their trio. The group also called upon Alain Johannes to be a fourth member of the group once they toured.

The group issued their lone self-titled album in November 2009, with the record hitting No. 12 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart and yielding the singles “New Fang” and “Mind Chaser, No Eraser.” “New Fang” won the 2011 Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

After touring, Grohl spoke of working on a potential second album, but they eventually went on hiatus. The band reunited in 2022 for the Taylor Hawkins tribute shows, but have yet to revisit the idea of a new album or additional touring.

What Josh Homme Says About Them Crooked Vultures Reuniting

The Queens of the Stone Age musician praised the person in the thread who asked if there were plans for Them Crooked Vultures 2: Electric Boogaloo, noting that the fine phrasing recalled that Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo was “a high quality film.”

But then getting a little more serious, Homme explained, “On the subject of Vultures, it’s sort of not my job to put Vultures back together, that’s Dave [Grohl]’s job. My job is to dance around the right words and try to write some music with the guys.”

From his answer, it appears that the QOTSA frontman would be on board if a second Them Crooked Vultures outing was an option.

“I really want to, and Dave knows this too. I really want the Vultures to get back together and get the band back together and do one more round because the band is so strange, the music is so strange and sort of perverse,” said Homme.

He recalled, “I don’t know, I had such a joyous time on those tours and being in that band and because the other guys are Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones (laughs), and it’s just really good, so that playing is just so simple and you’re able to get into ideas right away. They just happen. And that is a bit addictive, that environment.”

But getting around to answering the question, he stated, “Is there any chance [of a reunion]? Yeah. But I just like that it’s not up to me. I have other responsibilities. So is there a chance? Yeah. There is. Is it a good chance? No.”

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Josh Homme Responds to Fan Questions About a Them Crooked Vultures Reunion

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