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September 4, 2023 - News

Oliver Anthony Music is churning out the country tunes. His latest new video is a live performance of “90 Some Chevy,” a country love song that could be a classic.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The singer-songwriter — who is from Farmville, Virginia, and whose stage name honors his grandfather — had previously uploaded a raw version of “90 Some Chevy.” The original was among the songs he’d only recorded on his cell phone, but it’s worth a listen in comparison to the updated, more polished “90 Some Chevy” that’s now on YouTube and available on music streaming services.

“90 Some Chevy” is one of Anthony’s lighter songs, with lyrics comparing his romantic interest — who is his Carter, while he’s her Cash — to a beloved Chevy.

He opens the song with a memorable hook: “That old darlin’ of mine is like a 90-some Chevy/ She rides just right when you turn her on/ The only thing sounds better than that old 350/ Is when she’s runnin’ up to kiss me when I get home.”

He later sings, “She’s hotter than hell, I’m higher than gas/ She’s sweeter than honey, I’m poor white trash/ She ain’t had a check that I couldn’t cash/ I guess if she’s my Carter, then I’m her Cash/ I’ve been sittin’ around and drinkin’ on it/ I guess I’m gonna have to get me a ring and get it on it.”

Since its upload two days ago, Anthony’s new “90 Some Chevy” video has accumulated 1.3 million views and counting.

“Thanks so much to everyone,” he captioned the performance. “Enjoy your Labor Day!”

Meanwhile, Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” remains a breakout hit: It launched at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it’s so far been sitting pretty for two weeks. He’s the first artist ever to launch atop the Hot 100 with no prior chart history in any form. 

Watch the “90 Some Chevy” video below.

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