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February 1, 2023 - Uncategorized

Need some proof that it’s time to just shoot your shot? Indie artist Rachel Chinouriri drunkenly decided to slide into Lewis Capaldi‘s DMs recently, and it landed her a spot on his tour.

The U.K. singer-songwriter shared the video along with the news on social media last week in a frankly hilarious Twitter thread. According to Chinouriri, she managed to get up the (liquid) courage after the “Forget Me” crooner shared her song “I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Trying)” on Instagram and gave her a follow.

“Few month pass, I’m drunk out of my mind in a cab, I’m on Instagram and I see Lewis’ posts about tour and drunk me begins thinking… ‘what the harm in asking,’ the singer tweeted, adding. “My friends are like YASSS.”

From there, she posted the video, in which she pleads her enthusiastic, glorious case as follows with minimal slurring and only a couple extreme close-ups: “Lewis. I will absolutely f—ing regret this video in the morning, but I’m drunk out of my mind. Word on the street is that on your tour, you need someone to open. So I’m not saying, like, force it to be me, like, I’m literally not saying that. But I’m just like, if you have no one, I can sing songs on stage. I’ll be really good, I’m really nice, I’m really friendly. If you have, like, no one to open for your gig, I will happily [accidentally hits self] ow, I will happily contribute myself. What’s the thing? I will happily volunteer as tribute. [gives a thumbs up] Literally, if you have no one I swear I’ll be really, really good at the job, like, I believe in myself. Umm, yeah. So please don’t ever judge me for this video

Regret set in almost instantly the next day when she woke up hungover to the realization that Capaldi had watched her DM and left her on “Seen.”

Well, a few months after muting Capaldi’s Stories out of pure humiliation, Chinouriri got a call from her management that she’s in contention to open for the tour in question. (Mortified, she kept mum about the video at the time.)

“Fast forward: my mgmt tell me I got the slot, then my manager calls me. I tell him what I did. He laughs & found it pretty funny actually. I realised I’m an over thinker and now I’m going on an Arena Tour with @LewisCapaldi and I am so happy,” she wrote before concluding, “Moral of the story: drink less.”

In a follow-up tweet, Chinouriri said she didn’t know if the drunk video actually tipped her hand, but plans on asking Capaldi about it when she sees joins him on tour in February.

Experience Chinouriri’s entire story in all its glory below.

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