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August 19, 2022 - Uncategorized

Offset enjoys all the rides in the video for his first solo single of 2022, “54321.” The Baby Keem co-produced burner dropped on Friday (Aug. 19) and it finds the Migos member counting down all the ways that his life is shining over a spare, ominous beat and funhouse keyboards.


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In the accompanying video Offset visits an amusement park, where he takes spins on all the stomach-churning rides, dances and moonwalks down the midway, enjoys some super salty/sugary snacks and boasts about collecting closets full of shoes he never even wears.

“Postin’ these racks but I know it’s a scam/ Don’t cuff a b—h, I’m not selfish, I share ’em/ Elliot pink diamonds lookin’ like Cam/ He actin’ tough but he sweeter than yams/ Two b—-es in a Rolls Ghost and it scare ’em,” he raps while soaring high above the ground on a flying pink ride.

The song’s release comes at a tenuous juncture in the history of the Migos, amid swirling rumors that the group featuring Offset, Quavo and Takeoff could be headed for a split. And while it doesn’t appear that Offset directly takes on the whispers about the trio’s future, there is an intriguing line in the song that seems to allude to one of his bandmates. “Louis V coat pocket filled with blues/ I’m outta here, five, four, three, two one/ Takeoff, touchy my brother, pull a gun,” he rhymes.

In an exclusive interview with Rap Radar this week Quavo and Takeoff sat down for their first official interview as a duo. According to Quavo, “the chemistry is the same” when it comes to recording music without Offset. “The chemistry has been there since day one, so we just… easily bounce off,” Takeoff added.

Quavo and Takeoff helped spur the rumors after they released a pair of tracks featuring just them this year, including “Hotel Lobby” and “Unc and Phew,” a reference to their familial connection. While they didn’t appear to directly address the situation, Quavo said that when it comes to writing without Offset, “I can’t wait to bring some new music to Takeoff.”

Watch the “54321” video below.

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