Brandan and Mary Baby Picture: Meet Midnight!

December 4, 2023 - Culture

Last week, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Brandan and Mary announced the birth of their first child.

Baby Midnight’s birthday was actually late this summer. However, the season and its NDAs held them back from making the announcement at the time.

On top of this welcome news, Brandan and Mary have something else to offer.

Would you like to see the very first photo of their baby girl?

A photo of a sleeping newborn baby human.
Midnight is the newborn daughter of Mary Rosa and Brandan De Nuccio. They announced the birth on 90 Day Fiance’s official Instagram on November 31. However, they welcomed her on Tuesday, August 15. (Photo Credit: TLC/Instagram)

Look at this little cutie! Welcome to the world, baby Midnight!

It wasn’t until Thursday, November 31, that Brandan and Mary broke the news. They shared a childbirth announcement via TLC’s official Instagram page.

Their daughter, Midnight, has a birthday of August 15. She’s still a newborn — and, as the photo makes clear, absolutely adorable.

A wedding photo of Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5.
Brandan De Nuccio and Mary Rosa’s wedding photos actually leaked before their season began. His mom, Angela Stiggins, had privately shared them on social media. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“Our daughter, Midnight, is worth everything,” Brandan and Mary gushed in a statement in TLC’s Instagram caption.

“And,” their statement expressed, “I’ve never been this happy in my whole life.”

It must have been difficult for them to sit on this joyous news for so long.

Mary and Brandan were breakout stars on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 5. (Image Credit: TLC)

As we previously reported, Brandan and Mary went on to say even more.

They affirmed that they feel “so happy” to welcome their daughter into their young, young family.

One would imagine so. After all, despite their extremely young ages and Mary’s total lack of prior relationship experience, this was an intentional pregnancy.

Mary Rosa smiles while speaking to the confessional camera about what it was like to have her love with her in person at last. (Image Credit: TLC)

“When I heard our baby crying for the first time during my C-section, I got teary-eyed,” Mary described of Midnight’s birth.

“And,” she gushed, she “was so happy to realize I have a baby.”

A lot of fans have reservations about Brandan and Mary’s decision. After all, their relationship is deeply toxic. Also they both have impossible-to-miss maturity issues. Yes, even for 23-year-olds.

After Brandan arrived in the Philippines, Mary thought that it was cute to feed him. It was! (Image Credit: TLC)

Initially, Mary had resolved to hold off on having sex with Brandan.

Part of it was out of her Catholic beliefs. That’s fine. The other part was about “respect” for her grandfather. That’s not. No one, regardless of time or culture, gets say over another person’s body.

Mary’s lack of experience was evident. When she and Brandan first met face to face, she didn’t know how to kiss.

Due to Mary’s upbringing and culture, she did not know how to kiss before meeting Brandan. (Image Credit: TLC)

Obviously, Mary doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for her decision to have sex with Brandan on her own time. But she offered one anyway.

Simply put, she pointed out that she was ready to be with him, totally, before the wedding. Also? She’s a human being.

Even so, neither she nor Brandan expected that she would become pregnant so quickly. Now, Midnight is here!

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