Join the Musical Journey of Dina Lambarki As She Released the Official Music Video of ‘Hetal Imeta’

November 18, 2022 - Dj Life

Arabic music has a unique charm that fascinates a lot of music lovers in the world. In an attempt to make this more mainstream the auspicious talent Dina Lambarki is showcasing her caliber and has already huge popularity over the internet. If you are looking for a musical track that will give you the vibes of self-confidence and at the same time will make you come to the dance floor, then her latest track, Hetal Imetais the one for you. She has recently released the music video of the track which was originally released back in 2021.


The young talent was born on August 21, 1997, in Morocco and has loved music since her childhood. This singer-songwriter has found her passion in singing and songwriting since she was a mere child. Seeing her talent and interest in music, her father began tutoring from a young age, who was himself a Moroccan folkloric singer. As Dina was growing up she started gaining popularity first in the Moroccan music industry and later in the world music industry. Now, her producing back-to-back hits on digital streaming platforms is making her extend her reach.

Dina Lambarki

Music Career:

Although music has always been her passion, Dina Lambarki officially started as a part of a group named ‘Somadina’. Being born in an artistic family with a singer and music teacher as a father, Dina soon rose to fame due to coming from such a respectable family. In 2019, she started her solo music career. Her first viral hit song was ‘Ronaldo’ which became a smash hit instantly in Arabic countries, especially Morocco gaining over 39 million views on YouTube and thousands of streams on Spotify. Then she went on to release more hits like ‘Ibiza’, ‘Cinema’, and ‘Hola’ with her ex-group members. After starting her solo career, she released ‘Solitude ‘ with over 2 million views on YouTube. The recent smash hit of Dina was ‘Hetal-Imeta’ which was released in 2021.


Latest Release:

After releasing the track in 2021, she released the official music video recently which started to gain popularity instantly. The stunning visuals were shot in Uae Dubai where the singer is looking alluring in her colorful pieces of clothing. The song is quickly becoming the anthem of self-confidence and power. The artist has also shown emotions and at the same time kept a confident attitude that goes extremely well with the theme of the track. You can watch it on youtube along with her other tracks like, ‘Henina Salina’, ‘El Ghadhi’, ‘Solitude ‘, etc. For more details, follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij5pleGRaPo

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