Josh Remi Makes His Much-Anticipated Debut With Single “C8”

January 7, 2023 - Dj Life

Although Josh Remi is relatively new to the music industry, he has come in with a bang. He released his debut single, C8, in November 2022. C8 is from his upcoming album “The Interval.” According to his bio, Josh Remi’s work incorporates different genres. In The Interval, he promises fans a fresh sound that blends R&B, Pop, Rock, and Country. 

C8 is about two things; enjoying his car and the woman he is eyeing. In the video, the sleek black Chevrolet C8 is the carriage on which Josh is riding to rescue his damsel in distress, “Girl, we ain’t got a lotta time, so if you’re gonna be late, just hit my line, I’ll pull up in the C8.”

Josh Remi is an artist of Filipino and American descent. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Josh draws inspiration from his everyday life experiences. The goal of his music is to establish a connection with his audience by encouraging them to pursue their dreams and to be themselves. 

The video to C8 has that 2000s feel. The first minute and a half have been used to set the backstory. The effect is compounded by choice to use movie-like sound effects that build the suspense as Josh steals the C8 and rescues a woman being poorly treated by a guy who appears to be her boyfriend. After the dramatic start, the rest of the video remains simple, with Josh rapping and his lady looking pretty on the C8’s hood. 

C8 feels like a song you would play on a relaxed afternoon while having drinks with your friends. This is because there needs to be more going on with the instrumentation. The looping bass line forms the foundation for the song, providing the main rhythm and backdrop against which Josh sings. 

Synth effects and the echo that Josh adds to the end of his lines are the only other instrumentation added to the chorus, making up for the stripped-back approach. On top of being relaxing, C8 also has some sensual vibes.

You won’t catch it on the first listen, but after a few listens, you will hear the faint sounds of a lady breathing heavily, weaving in and out of the song. It’s a clever addition in that it doesn’t assault you but rather slowly draws you in.

The lyrics add to the sensuality by playing around with several double entendres. Josh shows some love to his lady but doesn’t forget his C8 in the process, “I’ll go 0-60 in Less than 3, Fill you up on 93, You know what I need.” He also sings exactly why the C8 is his car of choice, “Girl, I know it’s 4 am, but I’m pushing 490, This ain’t a foreign whip, I got the mid-engine behind me, Red seats like your heels, luxury at its finest.”

Listening to C8 will leave you curious about what else Josh Remi has up his sleeve. Fans can listen to C8 on Josh’s YouTube channel. They can also be on the lookout for the other songs released from the album The Interval.

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