Know the Facts of the Radio Industry and Its Listeners in the United States

May 3, 2023 - Dj Life

Radio has always been one of the most used and popular modes of entertainment. People are consuming the radio for a long time and it is quite an integral part of everyone’s life. That is why UNESCO has confirmed that 13th February will be celebrated as World Radio Day. Radio is the only mode of entertainment that is used by a huge mass. In the United States, radio is a massive thing, and for that reason, Pew Research Center has given 7 facts about the radio in America. Here are all of them-


Chance to build a connection with the audiences:

Journalists have clearly said that radio is a great source for them to build a connection with their audiences. It is much more effective than any print media or television news. It is not only applicable to radio journalists, but it is equally applicable to podcast journalists too.  This is a great part of radio, which has opened a new door for journalists and listeners.


Growth in the podcast:

Over the last decade, there is a huge growth in podcast is happening. Previously people didn’t use to hear many podcasts. But the number of podcast listeners is growing. In 2008, only 9% of Americans used to listen to podcasts but in 2021 the number has increased to 41%. The potential audience group in podcasts is twelve years and above that, just like the radio listeners. According to a study, a maximum of people at least listen to one podcast a week. Thus there is a lot of podcast in the business.


Revenue fall of radio stations:

According to the reports, the average revenue of have fallen by 24% from the year 2019 to 2020. This huge change has made an impact on the radio broadcasting business. In this case, the COVID-19 outbreak is one of the biggest reasons. From the data, it is coming to know that the revenue has dropped from $18.1 million to $13.9 million. The number of listeners has decreased after the outbreak and that is one of the reasons for the huge change in the revenue. It is another important fact about radio stations in recent days.

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Easy to gather local news:

A radio is useful in various ways and that is why people are confirming that it is very much useful for local news too. It is not only helpful to international news but adults are claiming that they use a radio to get all the updates about local news too. It is not the only mainstream source of gaining knowledge. There are other platforms too, from where people can get various other news too. But it can be surely said that radio is one of the most trustworthy platforms to get local news.


Stable employment in the radio business:

In 2010, there was a huge decline in the number of employees in the radio business. But in recent years, there are nearly more than 3360 news employees in radio broadcasting companies in 2020. Somehow it has decreased by nearly 1000 people compared to the 2004 study. At that time, there were approx. 4290 people. But the positive side is, that is number is not decreasing any more. Somehow companies are balancing the number of employees and bringing stability to this job. After knowing that, there were a few confusion that people had. If the companies are growing then why the number of employees are not increasing? Then 53% of organizations said that they believe to maintain the number of their employees. On the other hand, 28% have said they are increasing the number and the remaining 19% said they are cutting off. Thus, this is how the companies are maintaining this number.


Useful to get important news:

Another very important fact about radio in the United States is that maximum adults have said that it is very much helpful to get vital news. In most cases, they get some significant news on the radio, which is very much helpful. Nearly 47% of adults have confirmed that half of the time they depend on the radio for important news or information. And this has been said by people from every culture, whether they are Black Americans, White Americans, or Asian people. These statistics have been confirmed after the survey in the summer of 2022. Therefore, it is indeed a significant part of everyone’s life in the United States.


Listening to terrestrial radio every week:

According to the study, it is coming to know that among ten people eight of them listen to the terrestrial radio. The age group is nearly twelve and above who listen to this radio in the given week. But another thing has been observed that in a recent study, the percentage of people is 83%, which was 89% in the year 2019. Over time the number of people is decreasing by a few percent. After the coronavirus outbreak, it became even more evident. But still now, huge audiences listen to this terrestrial radio.

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