Lana Del Ray VS Taylor Swift: Who’s Better?

April 11, 2023 - Dj Life

‘Snow On The Beach’, just as paradoxical as it may sound both of these iconic stars have been the reason behind this happy coincidence. While the world hasn’t yet overcome Lana’s spectacular release ‘Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’ and the depth her songs from this album offered. On the other hand, Taylor Swift is being her bubbly and cute self again with her latest releases. It seems that Swift’s dark and gloomy days of heartbroken lyricism have come to an end and she is back with her former ‘Love Story’ glory. Having said that here are some happy yet oxymoronic instances that might trigger your finger to dig dip in the internet.

Having completely different singing styles and diverse musical aesthetics, they both have been extremely popular and loved by the entire world. Whether it is Lana’s choice to be dark with her narratives and expressions or Taylor’s releases packed with exceptional fairy tale princess vibes. They both showed very different parts of womanhood and growing up. But this song celebrated their eccentric vibes and offered their listeners some intriguingly wonderful tracks. This is their first and by far the last musical venture.

Lana Del Ray and Her Biggest Hits

Lana Del Rey
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Let’s have a look at the list of her greatest hits. She is the most unapologetic music artist who always shows interest in the dark side of the being. Similarly, her tracks are also conveying and inculcating the dark elements heavily packed with grey matter.

  1. Summertime Sadness (2012)
  2. Video Games (2011)
  3. Young and Beautiful (2013)
  4. Born To Die (2012)
  5. Blue Jeans (2011)
  6. West Coast (2014)
  7. Doin’ Time (2019)
  8. Don’t Call ME Angel (2019)
  9. Stargirl Interlude (2016)
  10. National Anthem (2012)

In this list, some of the tracks are collaborative ventures with some other leading names in this industry like the Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Miley Cyrus. Her sensuous and melodious vibes have always been one of her best traits, but anytime her lyricism will top the list.

Best Songs of Taylor Swift

Here is some of the best release by our very own princess and her enchanting career graphs. Her works may have been the anthem for every high school loves and first heartbreak. She probably has been the first girl crush of every teenage girl. There is an entire generation who has grown with her releases and has matured just as her prolific lyricism did with time.

  1. Love Story (2008)
  2. You Belong With Me (2008)
  3. All Too Well (2012)
  4. ME! (2019)
  5. Mine (2010)
  6. The Man (2019)
  7. Willow (2020)
  8. Bad Blood (2014)
  9. Mean (2010)
  10. Delicate (2017)

Just as Lana Swift’s career was also packed with incredible releases from soothing lyricism to heart-tormenting numbers, her musical catalog can seamlessly showcase a girl believing in fairy tales is coming of age and recreating her rendition of her once favorite Grim brother’s story.

Lana Del Ray

Discussing the net worth of celebrities can be quite harmful to your existential crisis but the human mind is triggered when they get a chance to compare. And by far according to reports till march 2023 her net worth is over 30 million dollars. She is 36 and gifted with talents that can earn her 30 million more.

Taylor Swift

In the game of discussing net worth Swift wins swiftly as her wet worth is above 570 million dollars. Being good with money has been one of the best traits that have made her a multi-million-dollar artist at an age of 33. She is not just blessed with singing and writing talents she is also blessed with the talent of handling money well.

Last year in October, they released their first track together and as Lana is in the news for her exquisite last release this article was inevitable. From the color of their hair to their music quality they both are extremely different. And this collaboration was a treat for every Lana and Taylor fan. This song shared a core Swift vibe of falling in love with the person who is also falling for you. This is a rare instance when your crush has a secret crush on you, but the feeling of the song was truly enchanting. Yet, the core Lana vibes added some exquisite vibes to this happy number. Her vocal seductive nature has made the song alluring and highly gravitating.

Yet at the beginning of this year, she made sure that her core fans are given a fair dose of her exclusive musicality. And she dropped one of her best releases ‘Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd’. This is her 9th Studio album and the world is thrilled to experience the true Lana essence. They both come from very different musical backgrounds. In terms of net worth and success Taylor may have won the race but Lana’s talent will always overshadow the glitter Taylor offers.

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