Listen To The Latest Track, ‘Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے’ By the Prolific Artist 780.Masochist

December 19, 2022 - Dj Life

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Charles Edward

780.Masochist has brought a refreshing soundtrack named ‘Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے’. The brilliant presentation created a sensation among the listeners.

If you have always admired listening to something new yet pleasing, then stay tuned with the talented artist 780.Masochist. This profound artist has gained a lot of attention from all around the world by delivering outstanding pieces of music. The thematic and rhythmic flow of them has mesmerized all the listeners. He is an independent artist who likes to make music on his own. He single-handedly composes, records, and produces the tracks. Along with music, he has also contributed to the World Championship Canoe Regatta and represented his country. Recently he has created a buzz among all the listeners with his latest piece of music, titled ‘Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے’.

His relatable approach has made the song even more captivating. He has enriched the song with well-versed lyricism and enigmatic music. He is a Pakistani hip-hop artist who is currently based in Canada and is showcasing his creative side. In addition, he has made the track even more attractive with his flawless deliverance. 780.Masochist is a renowned industry artist who has given many soundscapes. Some of his praiseworthy creations apart from ‘Jeevan Eik Hai ایک زندگی ہے’ are ‘SheAFiend’, ‘memories 11/11’, ‘FADEAWAY’, and ‘GATEAWAY’.

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Song Link : https://open.spotify.com/track/1HwSCsTVBAEwjCveAdbc00

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