A Resurfaced Interview With Vanna White Showed Her Fear That Fame Would All Go Away In The ’80s. Now She’s Been On Wheel Of Fortune For Decades

June 3, 2024 - Movies

When Vanna White first appeared on Wheel of Fortune as the young letter-turner standing in front of the Big Board more than 40 years ago, there’s no way she could have predicted the job would end up defining her whole career. There’s proof, too, that she worried just how far the game show would take her. An old TV Guide interview has resurfaced, in which White discussed the possibility that her 15 minutes of fame could come to an abrupt end, and she worried that she may never work again post-Wheel of Fortune.

It’s almost laughable now to look back at Vanna White’s interview from March 4, 1989, and see the 32-year-old hustling to make sure she’d be OK if Wheel of Fortune got canceled or they simply stopped calling her. The job was such a dream, she said back then, she was terrified of waking up and having it be over. She continued (via TV Insider): 

You never get over that. This business is very fickle. You never know from day to day if the audience is going to follow you or not. What happens after Wheel? I may never work again. That’s why I’ve tried to develop myself in other areas, like the clothing line. I’m just so afraid that tomorrow the phone’s not going to ring. I know that day will come, and it’s scary. So that’s why it’s hard to say no.

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