Christine Brown’s Husband David Woolley Appears On Sister Wives For The First Time

December 18, 2023 - Movies


  • Sister Wives star Christine finally introduces her new husband David Woolley on the reality TV show after splitting from Kody Brown.
  • David defends Christine against Kody’s claims, stating their relationship is drama-free and that he knew Christine before their first date.
  • Christine fell for David quickly and they now have matching tattoos placed over their hearts. Their wedding will be featured on an upcoming episode of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is finally introducing her new husband David Woolley on the reality TV show after her split with Kody Brown. Christine was the third of Kody’s four wives. He married her in March 1994 in a spiritual union. While their marriage wasn’t legally binding as Kody was still married to his first wife Meri Brown, Christine still changed her last name to Brown. Christine welcomed her sixth child with Kody while filming season 1. Christine was vocal about her jealousy towards Kody’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Naturally, Christine became the first of Kody’s wives to leave him. Christine and Kody announced their split in November 2021.

Christine got married to David on 7 October 2023, after having gone public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2023, and finally introduced her spouse to fans on the Sunday, December 17, episode as per InTouch. David joined Christine to have a heart-to-heart chat with host Sukanya Krishnan on Sister Wives: 1-on-1’s Part 4: Revelations. David, who is a dad to eight children and grandfather to 10, said he was previously married to his ex-wife for 20 years. David, a 59-year-old, met 51-year-old Christine on Stir at the end of 2022. David admitted he already knew about reality TV star Christine before going on their first date.

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David Defends Christine During The Tell All Special

Sister Wives' Christine Brown and Kody Brown looking serious

David said that his daughter thought someone was catfishing him by pretending to be Christine. However, once David met Christine in person, it didn’t take him long to decide that she was “the one.” David never felt like he was intimidated by celebrity Christine. He revealed their relationship was drama-free. “I know there was an end to this down the road,” he admitted. He knew he was going to grow old with Christine. David also defended his wife by responding to Kody’s claims that Christine was “Machiavellian” throughout their marriage. “The experience I had was Machiavellian. If she’s not 1702919591, then she is in love,” David declared.

Kody had accused Christine of destroying his “character” in front of David. He claimed that David would not have married her if she “left a good man.” David added, “Unless she’s Machiavellian to get away with her husband, which is going to be a very normal thing in any kind of marriage.” Meanwhile, Kody expected David to come to him and complain about Christine in the future if they all ended up being friends. David disagreed with Kody’s claims about Christine’s behavior. He said that Kody was definitely wrong about Christine being a backstabber. “No, she’s not that at all. I don’t see that,” he added.

To David, Christine is the complete package. The couple even has matching tattoos now which they have placed over their hearts. When Christine compared David to Kody, she explained how she never had to do anything to earn David’s love. Christine wasn’t particularly looking to settle down when she explored the idea of dating. Meeting David changed the Sister Wives star’s mind as she ended up falling for him quickly.

Note: David’s next appearance will be on Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding Part 1 when it premieres on TLC on Sunday, January, at 10 p.m. ET.

Source: InTouch, Christine Brown/Instagram

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