Ghosts: Will Jay Ever Be Able To Interact With All The Ghosts? Utkarsh Ambudkar Shared His Thoughts On It With Me

March 1, 2024 - Movies

Spoilers for Ghosts Season 3 are ahead. If you aren’t caught up, you can stream the episodes that have aired on the 2024 TV schedule with a Paramount+ subscription

The longest-running gag on Ghosts is the fact that Jay can’t see the spirits and his wife Sam can. It’s created a hilarious dynamic between Utkarsh Ambudkar’s character and the rest of the ensemble. However, there’s always a lingering question of if Jay will ever be able to interact with all the ghosts. So, considering this and some game-changing developments in Season 3, when I had the chance to interview Ambudkar, he told me his thoughts on the matter.

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