The Rock Has Been So Good Since Returning To WWE That It’s Creating A Major WrestleMania Problem

March 24, 2024 - Movies


We’re in the midst of one of the strangest WrestleMania seasons I can remember. Massive behind the scenes changes and multiple injuries to main event stars forced major rewrites to the original plans and convinced The Rock, who is now a board member of WWE’s parent company, to come out of retirement and get involved. Fans were, at first, furious about how his return upended main protagonist Cody Rhodes’ quest to finally win the WWE title from The Rock’s cousin Roman Reigns, but after weeks of fantastic promos and must-see television, WWE now has another problem on its hands. A growing segment of the audience is siding with The Rock and Roman and no longer want to see Cody finish his story.

Now, a bit of context is important here. So, let’s back up and tell this story chronologically, as the overall trajectory is the bigger problem, not the fact that some fans are rooting for Roman Reigns and The Rock. 

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