Three Generations Of Ahsoka Unite In Amazing BTS Images

November 15, 2023 - Movies


  • Ahsoka Tano is a significant character in the Star Wars universe, and her portrayal by Eckstein, Dawson, and Greenblatt emphasizes her importance.
  • Each actress has taken their role as Ahsoka seriously, ensuring that their portrayals are accurate and meaningful to fans.
  • The future holds more Ahsoka stories, with Eckstein in Tales of the Jedi season 2, Dawson in a new movie, and the potential for Greenblatt in a second season of Ahsoka.

The three generations of Ahsoka Tano have at last come together in new behind-the-scenes images from the Ahsoka series. The latest addition to the collection of live-action Star Wars TV shows, Ahsoka sees Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka begin a journey that ends with her completing a transformation from Ahsoka the Gray to Ahsoka the White. Along the way, she has to come to terms with pieces of her past, allowing Ariana Greenblatt to step into the role of Padawan Ahsoka during the Clone Wars. This key moment for the character made many miss the presence of Ahsoka’s original actress, Ashley Eckstein – but as it turns out, she wasn’t far from the set of Ahsoka at all.

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Eckstein had the chance to visit the Ahsoka cast and crew, and Dawson has shared one picture she managed to snap with Eckstein on set while dressed as Ahsoka the White. She also writes a touching tribute to Eckstein in the caption, commending her for her passionate performances as Ahsoka and even writing she “has the fan girl in me forever grinning.” Dawson also shares a photo of Greenblatt filming her Clone Wars flashbacks, calling her “tiny and mighty” as she praises her dedication to the role. At the end, she writes a heartfelt message that she “will forever be grateful to share in telling AHSOKA TANO’s story to the world, with you.”

Greenblatt has also shared an image of her and Dawson both suited up as Ahsoka, dedicating the picture and her performance to Dawson, creator Dave Filoni, and “the Fans.”

Ahsoka Tano Is One Of Star Wars’ Most Important Characters

Ever since her introduction in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, Ahsoka Tano has proven to be one of Star Wars’ most important characters. From her history as Anakin Skywalker’s Jedi Padawan to her contributions to the early Rebellion, Ahsoka proves with each new story that she will be forever remembered as one of the galaxy’s most notable and influential characters. Eckstein, Dawson, and Greenblatt have all emphasized this point in their performances, taking each new endeavor seriously to be certain their portrayals of Ahsoka are as accurate and meaningful as possible.

Ahsoka still has plenty of stories left to tell in the Star Wars galaxy, and each Ahsoka actress will no doubt have the chance to make more of their own contributions. For Eckstein, Tales of the Jedi season 2 is on the horizon, and it could very well include at least one story with Ahsoka at the heart of it. Dawson’s Ahsoka has just been trapped with Sabine Wren in another galaxy, and she’s expected to play a large part in the upcoming The Mandalorian-era movie. As for Greenblatt, Star Wars viewers have been pleading to see more of the Clone Wars era in live-action, which makes her future – perhaps even in a potential Ahsoka season 2 – promising.

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