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November 15, 2023 - Music

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There’s a new video trending in dance music with ties to the cryptocurrency industry entitled ‘We Are X’, launched by CruxDecussata, by the ticker of $X (CRUX).

The music video features notable crypto influencer Herbert Sim commonly known as the Bitcoin Man; actress Valeriia Karaman, and DJ Nicole Chen from Singapore.



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The song was performed by Valeriia Karaman, remixed by DJ Nicole Chen, to fit the cyberpunk image of the cryptocurrency industry.

The music video’s creative direction is the brain-child of Herbert Sim, who took inspiration from the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James, with elements of BDSM – leather restraints, black tape covering private areas, models dancing alluringly in slow motion. And the video was filmed in monochrome, inspired by American fashion photographer Herb Ritts, known for his black-and-white photography.

The founder of CruxDecussata, known only as ‘The Dev’ or ‘CP33’, is an anonymous person, who bought the domain URL of xn--33h.com from Herbert in July, and launched the project in August.

The URL of ☓.com, was first used back in 2010-2014 by the world’s first repository for compiling crypto and blockchain research papers – Crypto Chain University (CCU), founded by Herbert himself, which also educated people about the Cypherpunk movement.

English alphabet X.com also created a notepad signature on 3rd January 2009, with the words xn— 33h.com and 666, which goes to show there is correlation between English alphabet X.com, and crux decussata symbol – ☓.com, dating back to 2009.

The music video was shot by Pavel Egorov with photography by Vitaly Dmitriev and styling by Ariana Jiang. Other models include: Panina Vasilina, Camilla Grado, Leya Blonde. Additional Credits: Egor Tarasov, Sasha Estrina.

CruxDecussata owns the domain name of St. Andrew’s cross symbol – ☓.com, by the punycode of xn--33h.com; not to be confused with English alphabet X.com which is owned by Elon Musk. 

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