What Happened To Mary DeNuccio? (Her Colon Cancer Claim Explained)

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  • Brandan and Mary’s relationship faced controversies, financial struggles, and public scrutiny due to their behavior and online presence.
  • Mary shocked fans by revealing she had colon cancer and starting a fundraiser for her surgery, receiving backlash for misleading claims.
  • The couple’s fundraiser was shut down after Mary admitted to not having colon cancer, leading to questions about their credibility and intentions.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Mary DeNuccio (Demasu-ay) has created a stir online after revealing that she has colon cancer and starting a fundraiser for her surgery. Brandan and Mary, both 23-year-olds, starred in season 5 of the spin-off, with episode 1 proving how controversial they were. Mary from the Philippines and Brandan from Eugene, Oregon had met on a dating site. They had been in a long-distance relationship for two years at the time of filming. Brandan and Mary claimed they spent every second of their day on a video call.

Mary used to watch Brandan eating, sleeping, or even taking a bath. Brandan had been fired from jobs because he used to be on 24/7 video calls with Mary. Meanwhile, Mary had to quit college since she lost her scholarship after Brandan stopped her from dancing. Once Brandan and Mary met in person in Candoni, she quickly became pregnant with their baby daughter Midnight amid money problems. Mary complained about Brandan not contributing and playing video games. Regardless, Mary and Brandan got married and have stayed in the news for outrageous antics such as keeping a chained monkey as a pet.


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90 Day Fiancé Couple Mary & Brandan’s Financial Struggles

Mary Was Called A “Scammer” By Brandan Because She Was Only “Happy When She Has Money”

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé’s Brandan DeNuccio and Mary Demasu-ay, both are emotional

Brandan claimed to have invested $60,000 in building a dream home for himself and Mary in the Philippines even before he’d moved there. Brandan had sent Mary over $60,000 and had some $300 in his pocket when he left the U.S. Once in Candoni, the enterprising Mary opened a store outside their house but had complaints when Brandan refused to help her there and played video games all day. Mary and Brandan also used their growing online interest to get fans to pay them for recording personal video messages. Brandan and Mary made bracelets and sold custom portraits along with Filipino snacks online,

In November 2023, Mary was crying on her IG and TikTok because of her bad financial situation. Mary told her followers that she was getting a lot of job opportunities. Mary said these were remote jobs in call centers where she could work from home. However, Mary said she didn’t have money for a laptop, so she could apply for these jobs. In January 2024, Brandan was flaunting a price motorcycle on social media. The couple also showed off their new PS5 to fans. Brandan and Mary were also under fire for using their newborn baby Midnight to record videos for Cameo.

Mary Reveals She Has Colon Cancer

Mary Cries That She Doesn’t Want To Die

Mary 90 Day Fiance reveals she has colon cancer in shocking Instagram story

While it looked there like Mary and Brandan were living a happier life after 90 Day Fiancé, even if it involved recording videos with a baby for strangers on the internet, Mary, shocked the internet on February 17, 2024. Mary dropped a bombshell on her followers late at night on Instagram. She revealed that this was the most “scary” moment of her life. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they read that Mary had “colon cancer.” Mary wrote, “Please God guide me I don’t wanna die.” She said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Midnight.

Mary & Brandan Start Fundraiser For Her Colon Cancer

Mary & Brandan Need Money For Mary’s Surgery

Brandan Mary in 90 Day Fiance start fundraiser for colon cancer surgery

Brandan shared a GoGetFunding link on his Stories next, and added, “
I humble asking for your financial help for Mary’s surgery to remove her colon cancer
,” as a caption.

The young couple had already received a total of $899 US dollars by then, and a photo on the fundraiser link showed Mary lying in a hospital bed, which fans suspected was from the time she underwent a C-section because her hair looked different. Brandan posted a Story next showing Mary sitting in a hospital bed. In the description, Mary said she had been dealing with blood in her stool off and on since high school.

Mary’s already admitted at the hospital,” he wrote and said she was happy reading all her fans’ messages. As you can see she lost her weight,” he wrote before adding, “Her smiles make me not worry too much with her surgery.” As Brandan began noticing the backlash online from skeptical fans, he wrote about Mary dealing with abdominal pain, vomiting, and always having a fever. He wrote that Mary was scared of blood and surgery. Brandan wrote God would handle those who bashed them online.

Mary & Brandan Reveal Reports Amid Scam Accusations

Mary & Brandan Claim Her Cancer Is At “Early Stage”

A few 90 Day Fiancé fans claimed that Mary did not need money for cancer treatment since she was a Filipino covered by national health insurance under the Universal Health Care Act. As shared by Reddit user u/sschii_ Mary now presented “proof” that she has cancer on her Facebook page before deleting the whole post.

A screenshot of a conversation with a fan showed Mary being asked, “
What kind of surgery? Hope all goes well
” and her replying, “
Removing her colon cancer and it’s early stage.

External_Mark_4254 pointed out, “The medication she was prescribed is for upset stomach.” Some fans noticed symptoms of UTI, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Mary Writes, “We Don’t Know If Mary Have Colon Cancer Yet”

Mary Admits She May Have Lied About Having Cancer

Mary from 90 Day Fiance defending cancer claims on social media

Mary added, “
Yes she posted on her IG that she have colon cancer because she watch TikTok videos of what is the symptoms of colon cancer and she have all of it.

Mary claimed she went to the “CENTER” where a nurse told her “maybe she got UTI or Apendicitis and a possible colon cancer.” Next, Mary lashed out at fans because they reported her Facebook page.People are very worst maybe all of you will be sooooo happy when I die,” she wrote. Mary said she had a “painful thing inside” her stomach and that she was “dealing with a lot of pain.”

Mary’s Colon Cancer Fundraiser Shut Down

Mary’s Well-Wishers Want Their Money Back

TMZ reported that the 90 Day Fiancé couple’s fundraiser was shut down by the platform they were using after Mary backtracked on her cancer announcement. Mary was called out for changing the wording of the cancer diagnosis, now making it seem as if she didn’t officially know that she had colon cancer via a doctor. The campaign had now raised about $1300, but the company was flagged by fans who thought it was suspicious. GoGetFunding said the donations were received via PayPal and no funds passed through their site, so there was no way for them to refund anyone who donated to Mary.

Mary Reveals She Doesn’t Have Colon Cancer

“I Made A Mistake”

Mary shared a new update confirming that she doesn’t have colon cancer. “I made a mistake,” she wrote in her Facebook post and Instagram Stories. She spoke about the doctor telling her she had a colon issue and her assuming he meant it was colon cancer. Mary said she got an “anxiety attack” and thought she had colon cancer and “posted without thinking.” She asked fans to stop harassing her and wishing for her to die. I’m just a human,” Mary wrote and revealed that she was still in pain, and the pain wasn’t going away. Mary felt weak and kept throwing up.

The doctor says my liver is inflamed and I have blood infection, UTI and hemorrhoids
,” she added.

Mary apologized to her fans again and called what she did a mistake. Mary blamed her misleading post on her having anxiety and her panicking when she was told that she had a colon issue by her doctor.

Brandan Gives “Update” After Mary

Brandan Reveals What Has Really Happened To Mary

Seems like Mary does have something inside her but they don’t know exactly what it is yet,” Brandan said in a video the couple posted on Facebook (via u/MeatloafCat_) Brandan said Mary had UTI, which explains why she has been getting pain in her side towards her kidney. Mary’s blood test shows that she has an “above average” white blood cell count. Her WBC was 18 and Mary was given a laxative which took effect and cleared out her “whole system.” Mary was now supposed to get another stool test done “next week” but she had been given a prescription “full of antibiotics and then later probiotics.

Brandan said he was going to keep 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans updated. He said they weren’t allowed to film or take pictures inside the hospital according to a law in the Philippines. Brandan said he’s expected to take Mary to the hospital “next week” to do more blood tests, urine analysis, stool test, another ultrasound, and possibly a colonoscopy in case Mary still experiences bleeding in the stools, is throwing up, or has abdominal pain. “So we’ll keep you guys updated,” Brandan said about Mary’s health.

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