Behind The Scenes Of LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Easy’: Billboard Exclusive

February 24, 2024 - Music

Billboard and the members of LE SSERAFIM, SAKURA, KIM CHAEWON, HUH YUNJIN, KAZUHA and HONG EUNCHAE show you the behind the scenes of their music video for “Easy.”

Hi Billboard we are LE SSERAFIM, I’m Hong Eunchae, I’m Sakura, I’m Huh Yunjin, I’m Kazuha, I’m Kim Chaewon, and today we’re so excited to share with you guys, an exclusive behind the scenes look at our music video for our new song “Easy.”

Nina McNeely
Hey Billboard I’m Nina McNeely, I’m the director of LE SSERAFIM’s new music video “Easy.” I came up with the concept for the video to create this futuristic surrealist world for the girls to explore. It’s like a post apocalyptic world realm that’s been taken over by nature, we’re exploring working with projections, we’re exploring iconography and different symbolism and it’s been a real joy to work with the girls on this.

Jonas Morales
My name is Jonas Morales, I’m your 1st AD, my job as an AD is to keep the set in rhythm. They call me making moves Morales and we got a lot more coming to you.

Huh Yunjin
Hi Billboard, this is Yunjin and the next scene I’m gonna to be filming is me laying in Hong Eunchae’s lap and shedding some golden tears.

Nina McNeely
So in this video I really wanted to create like a heightened sense of fashion and drama and really recreate some more unique things that aren’t seen in K-Pop videos quite as often. So we just shot a scene that just resembled Michelangelo’s sculpture the Pietà.

Watch the full video above!

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