Beirut – Two Blue Eyes (BER-ABQ Version)

September 3, 2022 - Music

Sounds like:
Tōth, Amen Dunes, Prateek Kuhad

What’s so good?

Beirut's music always makes me miss a lover I know I've never had. Their music is multidimensional romance themed with a balkan zest. When ever I push play, I'm thrust against the glass of another world, cheek to cheek with some Chelsea, Jessica, Greg, or Newt, who is probably also listening to their reality's version of Beirut.If you ever see me in public kissing the sky or groping a bush, please just take note of what I've written above and leave me alone — but only if I have earphones in! Otherwise, please catch and deliver me to the nearest psych ward.Fun additional fact to round out this review, Beirut, aka Zach Condon (and his band), only performed in Lebanon for the first time in 2014. That must have been a momentous occasion. Beirut live in Beirut. Can you imagine? A band-city match is something I've dreamed of witnessing in all of my many lives. Now I'll just have to start supporting another band, because who knows when Beirut will make their way from Santa Fe to Lebanon again 🙁

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