Big Brother’s Red Explains Why He Felt the Most Betrayed by Cirie

September 9, 2023 - Music

While Red Utley initially trusted Cirie Fields the most in the Big Brother house, he can’t help but feel the most betrayed by her upon his exit.

“I felt really close to Cirie and I felt like we had conversations and she throws around words like ‘love,’” Red, 38, exclusively told Us Weekly after he was evicted during the Thursday, September 7, episode of the CBS reality show. “And she even told me at one point, ‘Red, over my dead carcass … you walk out,’ She repeated [the word] carcass, multiple times. So she really played up that part.”

While Red admitted to Us that he couldn’t see himself playing the game that way, he applauded Cirie, 53, for her masterful treachery — a skill she picked up from her multiple appearances on Survivor over the years.

Cirie and Red began working together in the Professors’ alliance, which also included Felicia Canon, Izzy Gleicher, Mecole Hayes, Hisam Goueli and Bowie Jane Ball. However, the group disbanded after they decided to target Hisam, 45, following his chaotic Head of Household reign. The pair reunited to form the Legend 25 alliance, which added Cameron Harding to the mix. However, for Cirie, Legend 25 was just a fake alliance to help her get through the weeks while Cameron, 34, was in power.

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Following his eviction, Red learned that Cirie is the mother of fellow houseguest Jared Fields — which took him by surprise.

Big Brother s Red Felt the Most Betrayed by Close Ally Cirie She Throws Around Words Like Love 299

Red Utley.

“Now I will say there was an inclination that [Jared and Cirie] maybe knew each other or maybe were even related on some level in the first couple of weeks that I was in there,” Red told Us. “They look really similar, but I kind of discredited that [by] watching their mannerisms and they’re very careful about what they do and are close with everybody.”

Big Brother s Red Felt the Most Betrayed by Close Ally Cirie She Throws Around Words Like Love 303

If Red was still in the house and knew about Cirie and Jared’s relationship, he said his go-to move would be to break up the twosome.

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“Knowing what I know now, you definitely don’t want a mother-and-son duo in there. That type of bond is tenfold more dangerous than a showman,” he explained to Us. “They know each other’s intricacies better than anybody ever possibly could.”

Big Brother airs on CBS Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

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