dead motel – Flowers in the Corner :: Indie Shuffle

May 31, 2023 - Music

Upon hearing “Flowers in the Corner,” I was captivated, but when I read the artist’s account my emotions deepened even further:

“I was visiting my dad’s grave on Father’s Day for the first time in many years and forgot as Jewish people we don’t bring flowers to a cemetery. I had these flowers with nowhere to go, which birthed the idea of the lyrics of the song. Trivial matters in the face of grief, a meaningful gesture tossed to the side, and the immense weight of the mystery of life and death. ‘If you want to leave, if you didn’t see, there’s flowers in the corner.'”

The depth born from an exceptionally real and vivid human experience has been gathered and expressed through this song. Though loss and grief is a very grey happening, the storytelling behind this really comes to life in technicolor. The artist has taken the vast, inexpressible complexity of circumstance and made it shareable, and in so doing, has created a medium through which we can reach each other.

“Flowers in the Corner” serves as a poignant reminder that music possesses an enduring and ineffable quality that transcends the boundaries that seek to shrink perception. I hope this finds you well. Thank you.

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