Matt Roloff Spills ‘Juicy Details’ About Little People, Big World

April 30, 2024 - Music

Matt Roloff Spills ‘Juicy Details’ About ‘Little People, Big World’ After 20 Years Under NDA

Matt Roloff.
Courtesy of Matt Roloff/Instagram

After two decades of silence, Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff has plenty to get off his chest.

In a lengthy Facebook post on Friday, April 26, the reality star, 62, discussed his time on the series after finally being freed from his non-disclosure agreement.

“If these juicy details aren’t for you, you are welcome to just move on,” Roloff teased.

Much of the post was dedicated to viewers’ confusion about whether the April 23 episode of Little People, Big World was actually the series finale of the long-running show.

Roloff attempted to give some context for the lack of definitive announcement from TLC. He explained that way back in 2010, the family made the decision to step away from the show and contacted the network’s attorney to let them know they were done.

“We thought we had completed our mission of educating the world on what it’s like to be a Little Person in an average size world,” Roloff wrote. “Enough TV filming already!! ….we wanted to go back to running the farm and our normal lives–   So We made it clear to TLC we were finished.”

Matt Roloff Spills ‘Juicy Details’ About ‘Little People, Big World’ After 20 Years Under NDA
Courtesy of Matt Roloff/Instagram

A few weeks later, however, the network convinced the family to come back for a handful of specials, which eventually led to the show returning to its original form for more than a decade.

Given the show’s track record, Roloff pondered, “This is WHY I THINK there is some hesitation to announce from TLC that the show is over.”

Whether or not Little People, Big World comes back, Roloff insisted he is at peace with whatever happens.

“Nobody really knows at this point,” he wrote about the show’s future. “I feel very content and satisfied with the Run of shows and the journey we shared with you all! The ratings continued to build and stand strong and consistent. We are super proud of that.”

Roloff then turned his attention to the very public drama that has circled his family for years, namely the controversial sale of the family farm. Given all of the ups and downs, Roloff admitted “I can’t say I handled it without some mistakes and missteps.”

“It hasn’t been easy…especially all while being filmed…and sometimes even very painful..,” Roloff wrote about the years-long land dispute, “but in the end its all been productive and although in hindsight I would change several of my processes…  I believe the results are better and I love watching ALL the kids find their independence and passions on their own terms.”

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Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff welcomed three kids ahead of their 2016 split and are now proud grandparents. The TLC personalities wed in September 1987, and their twin sons, Jeremy and Zach, arrived three years later. Their daughter, Molly, arrived in 1993, followed by son Jacob in 1997. Amy and Matt began their television career […]

On his relationship with his children, Roloff admitted, “I don’t get to see Zach and his adorable kids nearly as often as any of us would like.”

He continued, “I’m very proud of them and the way they raise their family and Zach battling thru illness and building out his own farm is what makes a father so proud to see.”

Roloff’s son Zach, 33 — who shares son Jackson, 6, daughter Lilah, 4 and son Josiah, 23 months, with wife Tori Roloffunderwent brain surgery in February 2023.

Matt Roloff Spills ‘Juicy Details’ About ‘Little People, Big World’ After 20 Years Under NDA
Courtesy of Matt Roloff/Instagram

As for the “dream house” he built with fiancée Caryn Chandler, Roloff revealed the couple moved into the new digs “just before Christmas.”

Roloff explained he has simply been too busy lately to focus on an upcoming wedding, noting that the couple still hasn’t set a date. He said, “I imagine we will start working on that soon.”

In conclusion, Roloff thanked the Little People, Big World fan base for their support over the years, saying he “thoroughly enjoyed sharing a large part of my life journey with you and hope to meet you all in person one day along life’s trail.”

“Without You we would never have been able to change to Worlds perception of Little People,” he wrote. “I feel like a Big Person in a Little World thanks to You.”

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