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May 14, 2023 - Music

Luc Bradford, AKA ford., is set to release his third album, Guiding Hand, on July 21st, and “The Pace” is a single that will feature on it. The vision behind it all has been explained as follows:

“Luc’s creative intention is for listeners to form their own meanings and connection from the songs. He is excited to see how fans will receive this new chapter and hopes that they will be moved by its emotional depth and authenticity.”

For me, “The Pace” is a fully fleshed-out piece of artwork. From start to finish I am enraptured by it, made easier by my love for a piece dominated by piano. That the song then bursts into shimmering house music doesn’t hurt either.

The consumption of it is elevated by a music video that was created by the artist himself. Flashing images move across the screen as the listener is provoked to contemplate existence, perception, the body, experience, and everything we sum up as life itself.

“The Pace” is a track that ironically, given its namesake, stopped me in my tracks.

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