Bad Omens Cancel Summer Shows, Noah Sebastian Issues Statement

May 23, 2024 - News

Bad Omens have just canceled their summer tour plans in Europe and the U.K. and have issued a statement from singer Noah Sebastian.

Citing “extreme burnout” and the grind of the latest album cycle pushing him “to the limits of my mental bandwidth,” as two of the driving factors behind the decision, the singer was candid with his words.

“Putting my mind and body in conflict with one another in ways that are becoming detrimental to my health on the road,” is another one of Sebastian’s reasonings.

He urges that this decision was made “after heavy consideration” and that maintaining his mental wellbeing will benefit “the long term sustainability of Bad Omens.”

Read the statement in full:

I’ve been experiencing what can only be described as extreme burnout.

While all the touring and work that we’ve put into this album cycle the last several years has been so gratifying and rewarding, it has also pushed me to the limits of my mental bandwidth. Putting my mind and body in conflict with one another in ways that are becoming detrimental to my health on the road.

That said, after heavy consideration we’ve decided that we need to cancel all of our performances coming up this summer in Europe and the U.K.

This decision is in the best interest of my health and wellbeing, and of the long term sustainability of Bad Omens. We need to protect and restore all of the energy that will be demanded of us again soon as we transition into the next chapter.

We know this will be disappointing,
But we ask that you respect our choice to put health first.

-Noah, Bad Omens

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Noah Sebastian and Social Media

At the end of last year, Noah Sebastian deleted all of his social media accounts. His time spent on social media had been dwindling in recent years, which fans had taken note of.

Bad Omens surged in popularity thanks to their music going viral on TikTok and the added attention has also led to fans engaging on obsessive behaviors. It also put a strain on Sebastian personally.

“I was trying to use my socials, and I just had to constantly mute them,” the singer told Metal Hammer, “I got really tired of seeing my own face, or seeing a stranger’s opinion of me every day. I don’t think that’s healthy. I’ve seen these accounts that collect baby pictures of me they find on a distant relative’s Facebook and make an entire shrine out of them.”

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