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September 9, 2023 - News

Actress, rising pop singer and musical theater star Reneé Rapp tells Billboard senior editor Lyndsey Havens about her debut single “Tattoos,” her first album (Snow Angel), playing Regina George in Mean Girls: The Musical, her favorite quote from the movie and more!

Reneé Rapp:
Everybody’s like, “Reneé, it’s a slow burn, and enjoy the journey — not the destination.” And I’m like, “Jesus, f–k the journey!” But honestly, I’m into it right now — the journey’s cute.

Hey, what’s up! I’m Reneé Rapp, and this is Billboard News.

Lyndsey Havens:
Hey, I’m Lyndsey Havens for Billboard News, and we are here with the multitalented, fast-rising pop star, I think it’s safe to say! Reneé Rapp, welcome.

Has that settled in yet? “Pop star”?

Reneé Rapp:
It feels weird if I were to say yes, ’cause then I think I would just hate myself if I said yes. So no.

Lyndsey Havens:
Maybe after this album comes out.

Reneé Rapp:

Lyndsey Havens:
So your debut single was “Tattoos.” Came out last year. How did you know that was the song to introduce that side of you with?

Reneé Rapp:
Oh my God, I didn’t. I absolutely didn’t. That was a time in my life where I was so hungry and so desperate to be seen. And I really wanted to get signed so bad. It was like such a big dream of mine ever since I was a kid, like to like, get signed to this like grandiose way and like have it be this moment. And I really liked “Tattoos,” and I thought it was good. I thought I had songs that I liked more. But that ended up being the song that I like, posted on the internet and ended up being a huge catalyst for like my career, and then how I did inevitably get signed.

Yeah, and I understand. And I hear the argument that is like, you know, “Hey, the internet is crazy, and it’s changed the music business and X, Y and Z.” And I don’t disagree. However, I think it’s really f–king cool, because it gave me a really big opportunity. And the right visibility that I needed to get into that space that I don’t know that I would have gotten a different way.”

Watch the full interview above!

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