How Gastric Bypass Affected My Marriage

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1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Reveals Whether Her Relationship With Husband Caleb Changed After Gastric Bypass, Weight Update wedding

Tammy and her husband, Caleb.
TLC/Michael Moretti

Through thick and thin. Tammy Slaton got real about how her recent gastric bypass surgery has affected her relationship with husband Caleb Willingham.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, February 13, that “surgery has not changed my relationship” with Caleb, whom she met at an Ohio rehab center.

“We support each other wholeheartedly. On our weight loss journeys, when he’s having issues with wanting to eat because he’s bored or because he’s an emotional eater, he comes to me and we talk about the situation,” Tammy explained. “It’s the same for me and I talk to him. We talk about our issues and why we feel this way. We are true partners.”

1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Reveals Whether Her Relationship With Husband Caleb Changed After Gastric Bypass, Weight Update green shirt

Tammy Slaton.
Courtesy Tammy Slaton/Tiktok

The TLC personality — who hit her goal weight of 534.7 pounds to be approved for surgery in 2022 — noted that she fell in love with “literally everything about him” while they were at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center, including “how sweet he is.”

The twosome, who tied the knot in November 2022 at the same facility, have a strong bond amid their respective health journeys.

“He treats me so different from any other person I was with,” Tammy told Us of her spouse. “He truly was a godsend [through my weight-loss efforts].”

When it comes to how she’s handling her post-surgery life, the reality star told Us that it’s been a series of ups and downs. (Tammy had the procedure in summer 2022 and stayed at the rehab center to recover.)

“The process of getting approved for surgery wasn’t easy. I worked my butt off,” Tammy explained. “I was starving a lot of the time and my hard work paid off.”

As for her recovery, the Kentucky native told Us that it “wasn’t too hard” but she had to learn “how much food” she could eat safely.

Now that she’s on the mend, Tammy explained that her exercise routines have changed as well. “I like chair exercises, lifting weights, running the bike and walking,” she said of her go-to workouts.

Last month, the TV personality teased even more weight loss in a TikTok video where she wore a crimson-colored cami while dancing. Days later, Tammy told her followers that she was unable to talk about “all the stuff that’s going on with my hair, my weight, my clothes, my marriage,” despite wanting to give them an update.

She noted that she is “still under contract” and therefore could not share too much about her weight-loss challenges and success.

1000-Lb. Sisters airs on TLC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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