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November 22, 2022 - Uncategorized

Ice T is reassuring his wife, Coco Austin, that he’s still very much in love with her and — unlike what some people online have been led to believe recently — that she is a fantastic mother to their daughter Chanel. During Austin’s appearance on Tamron Hall, the rapper and Law & Order: SVU star surprised her with a sweet message of encouragement.

“This is a shout-out going to my wife Coco,” Ice T said in the sweet video, which was filmed while he was on the SVU set. “You are the most incredible person I’ve ever met, the nicest person I’ve ever met, and the best mother Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine. I love you to death. Twenty-two years, baby, and it gets better every day.”

The rapper’s comments come amid a series of criticisms against Austin’s parenting skills over the years, including backlash via social media for everything from pushing six-year-old daughter Chanel around in a stroller, to allowing Chanel to wear press-on nails and breastfeeding their child past preschool age.

After hearing the message, Austin teared up and told Hall, “I’m underneath a microscope all the time and you don’t hear what good you do. You don’t hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad and I know I’m a good mother.” She added she had put “everything aside, my career, everything, just for her and you just want a little love, you want a little respect from people.”

See Austin’s reaction to Ice T’s sweet message in the video below.

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