Winn Winn – Pool Day :: Indie Shuffle

June 20, 2022 - Music

There’s an indie rock band called SWIMM we’ve picked up on a few times. Their music sounds nothing like this, but I bring it up because Winn Winn is actually the lead singer of SWIMM (+ his wife, Syd).

I admit I’ve taken a little while to get this one up and running on the website. In the ~2 weeks since I discovered it I think I’ve listened to it about 50 times and it still hasn’t gotten old.

“Pool Day” reminds me a lot of the golden chillwave era of the 2010s, specifically a band called Memory Tapes. But that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the yester-decade. In fact, I’d say this one’s perfectly on-point for a 2022 song. And that’s probably why I keep revisiting it over and over.

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