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January 30, 2023 - Uncategorized

Dave Grohl is going to the Super Bowl. The Foo Fighters singer will appear in a commercial for Canadian whiskey brand Crown Royal slated to air during the big game on Feb. 12 between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. During Sunday’s NFC and AFC championship games the singer/guitarist appeared in a pair of 30-second teaser ad that begged more questions than they answered.



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See latest videos, charts and news

Sitting at the console in a recording studio, Grohl grabs a pice of paper and rattles off what appears to be a random list of unrelated phrases. “Peanut butter? What?,” he says incredulously. “The Paint Roller? The battery? No! Trash bags? The replay? No way. The egg carton? Did you know the egg carton?” he asks one of his engineers, who nods knowingly.

“Did you know the carton? It says it right here. Whoa. Electric wheelchair. Did you know that, Lou? Hawaiian pizza?” At press time it was not clear what Grohl’s rundown meant. Is it a roster of things whose prices have skyrocketed during the post-pandemic era? A tally of dance moves from the 1950s? In a second 15-second teaser, Grohl merely says “thank you” over and over with different inflections into a microphone.

“Dave is a Crown Royal super fan and the perfect partner to spread a message of gratitude to the audience that is authentic to the brand,” said Crown Royal spokesperson Sophie Kelly in a statement.

The full ad is slated to air during the third quarter of the game in Glendale, Arizona. So far we’ve also seen previews of some other music celeb-heavy ads, including ones starring Ozzy Osbourne, Missy Elliott and Jack Harlow and Meghan Trainor.

Check out Grohl’s Crown Royal ad teasers.

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